TechSuite is a computer repair multi-tool. Designed for one-click automation in all repair scenarios in the Windows® operating system. It’s completely automated, portable, and command-line accessible.

Core functionality includes:

  • Gathering System Information
  • Hardware Diagnostics and Benchmarking
  • Malware Removal
  • System/Application Cleanup
  • Windows Fixes
  • Networking Utilities and Fixes
  • Browser Checks
  • System Tweaks
  • System Tuneup
  • Application Installation/Updates
  • Data backup/recovery utilities
  • Gorgeous Reporting
  • Custom Applications
  • White labelled


Getting Started

To use TechSuite, head to your Downloads page on the Dashboard and click “Download TechSuite”. When starting TechSuite.exe a folder will be created in the same directory. The Assets folder is where run-time data, files and folders are stored. Feel free to move or remove this folder after you are finished your repair work.

Some Terms

Before we get too far into how to use TechSuite, we’d like to introduce a few terms to make everything easier to understand:

Tools – TechSuite uses commercially available tools and automates them. Each tool has a category to be found by.
Tool Mode – TechSuite tools have modes such as “Manual” and “Automated”. These modes augment how tools behave.
Category – a list of tools of a certain type or function
Procedure – A list of tools. The queue is run when the “Run” button is pressed. These can be saved and loaded later.
Report – Each queue will produce a report when complete. It contains the output from each tool run in the queue.
Customer Name & Ticket Number – To keep your repairs and reports organized, we provide a name and number field to be used. Reports can be searched and organized by these parameters.
Title – One optional parameter allowing you to distinguish between multiple reports for the same customer. E.g. one repair being titled “Network Repair” and the next “Malware Removal”

Running your First Repair

TechSuite Procedures


There are two ways to use TechSuite: First, you can run a single tool. To do that, head to the tools page, search for a tool or type of tool and click “Run”. Second you can run a set of tools, a Procedure.

To run a single Tool

To run a Procedure

The second way to use TechSuite is to run a Procedure. A Procedure allows you to run many tools with a single click. Typically, procedures are designed with a purpose; take for example the RepairTech Malware Removal Preset, we’ve designed this preset to backup settings, clear temp files, check the registry, remove malware applications and scripts, and return the PC back to normal operating behavior. We have provided you with many presets to get you started. The RepairTech Default Procedure, as its name implies, our recommended default procedure to begin with.After selecting a procedure or tool to run, TechSuite will automatically run those tools and gather the relevant output for you report file. These reports are backed up onto your Dashboard to be available when you need them.

Reviewing your report
This is the last step in running your first repair. A report will contain all the relevant information about a customer, the entire output of a tool, a simplified tool output for quick browsing, Insights on the device, and a summary of the whole Procedure. See the Reports section below for more details.