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Live Demos of TechSuite or Kabuto


RepairTech Training Session + Q&A

In our weekly Training Sessions, we’ll show you:

– Full demos of TechSuite and Kabuto
– How each product fits into your repair process
– How to get started using them for your shop

At the end of every session we allot time to answer any questions you may have. However, feel free to ask questions during the Training Session and we’ll get to them right away 🙂



Ian is the CEO and a cofounder or RepairTech. He leads day to day operations and shows techs how to best use TechSuite and Kabuto in their business.


Connor is our man on the front lines and leads product development for TechSuite and Kabuto. He talks to techs every day in order to understand their needs and prioritize what we build. 


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TechSuite & Kabuto – Recorded Webinar (Feb 7th)

In this video, Connor walks us through the latest version of TechSuite and Kabuto while answering questions from the audience. Looking to hop into a live webinar? Feel free to join in here:

If you have any questions about the software, feel free to contact us at

Kabuto & RepairShopr Integration Update

We collaborated with RepairShopr on an update to our Kabuto/RepairShopr integration. In this webinar, Ian talks with Troy Anderson (CTO of RepairShopr) and they demo this new integration for you. View it now

How to Sell Kabuto with Chris Carruthers and Michael Fitch

In this webinar we’ll show you how to sell Kabuto to your customers. We’ll cover pricing, sales strategy, and much more! View it now


Facebook Marketing for your Computer Repair Shop

Hey Techs! We’re hosting another free webinar to teach you how to get started with Facebook Marketing for you computer repair business! Ian Alexander, our CEO and Co-Founder, will be joined by Andrew Torba from AutomateAds, and together they’ll be walking you through the entire process. At the end, you’ll be able to ask any questions you might have. View it now


Keep Scaling with Chris Carruthers

Chris Carruthers from Remote Support Tech Team and Ian Alexander of RepairTech Inc. get together to explore some ideas and lessons on growing a computer repair business. View it now

RepairTech and Matt Rodela Present: Tips for Your Computer Repair Business Website & SEO

In this webinar, Matt Rodela* from Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy joined us to discuss how to build a great computer repair business website, and how to do SEO for it. View it now

Note: Viewing this webinar requires that you “register,” after which you’ll be taken to the recording.

* Matt is an expert in the computer repair industry. He is the host of The Computer Business Podcast and the creator of Tech Site Builder.

RepairTech & Repairshopr: New and Improved Integrations for TechSuite and Kabuto

In this webinar, we went over the integrations between TechSuite, Kabuto, and RepairShopr, and answered all of your awesome questions. View it now

RepairTech & RepairShopr: “How to improve shop efficiency and workflow”

In this webinar RepairShopr and RepairTech will introduce a better way to manage and run your repair shop, using a combination of RepairShopr’s powerful CRM, and RepairTech’s TechSuite computer repair software. View it now

TechSuite Training Webinar: The Virus Doctor, Registry Investigator, and TechSuite

In this webinar, Ian and Ken explain how to use TechSuite, and the tool they worked on together: Registry Investigator. View it now

RepairTech & The Virus Doctor: “Advanced Techniques for Virus Removal “

In this webinar Ken Dwight and RepairTech will introduce a better way to find and remove malware, using a combination of Ken’s Virus Remediation Training workshop methodology, and RepairTech’s TechSuite computer repair software. View it now

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