Configure for Your Repair Shop

TechSuite is flexible by design. Customize your branding and add your favorite computer repair tools.

Automate Your Computer Repairs

Automate hundreds of computer repair tools to do the heavy lifting for you.

Receive Detailed Reports

TechSuite generates beautiful reports for you to keep, send to your CRM, or give to clients.

TechSuite Automates Your Computer Repairs

TechSuite Windows App

TechSuite includes all the repair tools you need in one application. Simply select any number of automated tools, run them all with no interaction required, then review a detailed report of everything that just happened.

TechSuite Windows App automates your computer repair checklist from within Windows

TechSuite Online Dashboard

From the TechSuite Online Dashboard, you can access your Reports, view the status of ongoing repairs, and configure the Windows App.

TechSuite Online Dashboard tracks your computer repairs

1-Click Repairs

TechSuite is incredibly easy to use for technicians of all skill levels.

Automated Malware Removal

Unique and powerful malware automation will run the best tools in the business, saving you time and making you money.

Your Branding

You can customize TechSuite with your own graphics and generate polished, branded reports for your clients.

Status Updates

TechSuite’s On the Bench keeps you up to date by showing the repair status of every machine.

Best Tools in the Industry

We’ve partnered with the top vendors in the industry to bring you an amazing list of tools.

Integrates with your CRM

We’ve built integrations with many of the best CRMs available. Seamlessly link our tools with other applications to have a sophisticated workflow.

Hardware Diagnostics

TechSuite can easily help you automate the most common hardware diagnostics.

Avoid Tedious Repairs

TechSuite has built-in lists (aka procedures) that help you streamline the most common repairs: malware removal, tuneups, hardware checks, etc.



“TechSuite has allowed me cleanup even the nastiest malware. In house, we’ve dubbed it “The Magic Stick” because it just works — like magic.”

Jason Meyer

Owner, VentureGT

“Our absolute favorite and most used tool is TechSuite from RepairTech. The ability to automate and document a great many of the repair services we offer has increased our workload ability almost 200 percent.”

Orin Wells

Owner, Downtown Computers

“My go-to first step for fixing problem computers is TechSuite. I run it on computers because it fixes so many issues, many that I don’t know to look for. Thank you, RepairTech for creating this great tool.
Bruce Corson

Owner, PatientComputerHelp

TechSuite Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I legally use the tools included in TechSuite in my repair shop?

Yes. We have ensured that every tool included TechSuite is legal to use in a commercial environment.

How many repairs can I run at once?

As many as you want! Each licensed technician has unlimited access to the software.

What kinds of tools are included in TechSuite?

TechSuite includes a combination of tools that we built ourselves, open-source tools, and tools from vendors we partnered with. These tools cover malware removal, diagnostics, cleanup, tuneups, updates, data migrations, and more.

How much time will TechSuite save me?

The average repair time with TechSuite from start to finish is 2 hours. Many of our customers have reported that TechSuite has cut their turnaround time in half.