5 Days to Launch Your Residential MSP

Day 1 – Start Installing Kabuto on Every Machine That Comes Into Your Shop

Make installing Kabuto a part of your workflow for every job that comes into your shop. Start with this simple addition to your interactions with customers during checkin/checkout and you’ll begin to generate more leads.

Install Kabuto on Every Device That Comes Into Your Shop

Check out our Kabuto documentation to learn more about installing Kabuto on customer devices. Click here for Kabuto Documentation.


Pitch Kabuto During Your Checkout Process

Give a quick pitch about Kabuto and why it’s helpful for your customers. Here’s an example of what you could say during your checkout process:

“Thanks for choosing our business for your service. I’ve installed this free application that will proactively monitor your computer for any potential issues. If anything out of the ordinary happens, the app will notify you and let you contact us if you’re experiencing any problems.”