5 Days to Launch Your Residential MSP

Day 2 – Make Marketing Materials Visible for People Who Come In-Store

As you start installing Kabuto on devices, you’ll start getting questions, but those questions are the perfect opportunity for making sales! Follow these steps and use the marketing materials we provide to answer customer questions while sealing some deals.


Customize and Print Out this White-Labeled Kabuto Flier

We built you a customizable flier that you can modify and place near your register so you have a visual cue for people as you tell them about Kabuto. Click here to download the Customizable Flier.


Review and Print Out the Kabuto Customer FAQ

Another piece of customizable marketing material that you can use is the Kabuto Customer FAQ. This can be your main resource to help answer initial customer questions. Again, modify this doc to fit your needs and place it near your register. Click here to download the Customer FAQ.