Introducing Recur:  

A New Integration Built to Help You Launch Your Residential MSP


Recur is a game-changing integration between Kabuto and RepairShopr built to give you a Managed Services business in a box. With Recur, you can easily launch a Managed Services Business and start earning a reliable stream of monthly recurring revenue.

*Note: Recur is a premium integration that costs $19.99/month. Because we’re confident you’ll quickly earn your investment back, we stand by this with a money-back guarantee. In order to use the Recur integration, you need both Kabuto and RepairShopr.

Here’s How You Can Use Recur to Launch Your Residential MSP

What is a Residential MSP?

When we use the term ‘Residential MSP’ we’re talking about selling Managed Services to your Residential Clients. The key to launching a Residential MSP is about using automation to provide your clients access to your services, your expertise, and system protection in a scalable way.

Grow Recurring Revenue by Providing Next-Level Service

With the Recur integration for RepairShopr and Kabuto, you can create a seamless and automated experience for both you and your customers. The best part is that by automating and selling Managed Services, you can generate a new, reliable monthly revenue stream. Use our ROI Calculator to see how much you can earn.

Recur is a Subscription Business in a Box

With the Recur integration between RepairShopr and Kabuto, all the most complex parts of selling Managed Services are handled for you: automated billing, selling subscription packages, automatic asset creation and much more.

See How Other Techs Are Running Their Residential MSPs


Residential MSP Best Practices Compilation Doc

We’ve built a really cool compilation of best practices from Techs who are building and running Residential MSPs. In the doc you can find a bunch of great quotes and ideas about setting up pricing, sales tactics, and more. Click here for the doc: Residential MSP Best Practices

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