It goes without saying: our lead TechWARU developer is a beast. The infallible Garrett Milster has done it again and released a new version of TechWARU packed with some fantastic new features and important fixes. See below for more details.

New Features!

  • TechWARU now has a brand new Menu system. The menu system has shortcuts to several TechWARU features and can be used to run some tools manually, run presets, or access options.


  • Performance and stability improvements
  • New Tool: Rkill
  • New Tool: Microsoft Safety Scanner
  • Bug Fix: Custom apps now download correctly during Queue Run
  • Bug Fix: Malwarebytes logs now show up in TechWARU report after reboot
  • Bug Fix: “Test Application” feature in Custom App creation now works correctly
  • Bug Fix: Fix/Shell Run no longer prompts with a ‘Malware Found’ form
  • Bug Fix: Running Malawarebytes no longer leaves a broken shortcut on User’s Desktop
  • New Feature: New Graphic displayed when TechWARU unpacks Assets folder