New Features:
 TechWARU is now preauthenticated when downloadeded and will authenticate without the need to enter
 TechWARU's Assets folder is no longer wrapped into the executable and is now downloaded instead.
 This greatly reduces the size of the TechWARU executable, and makes it much more portable
 Assets folder version checking. TechWARU will now update your Assets folder if it is out of date
 Debug log upload system - You can now upload your debug log from the "Help" menu dropdown in TechWARU. If you have an open ticket for the issue you can enter your ticket number to add the log to the ticket
 New Tool: SecuritySoftView

 Offline mode has been fixed up to work smoother
 TechWARU can now check for .NET versions for tools who require a specific version of .NET
 Improved the Startup Executable download system
 Disable Sleep/Hibernate is now off by default

Bug fix:
 fixed issed with MBAM not showing up or behaving oddly
 fixed formatting issue on some custom app logs
 "error 50" message that occurs after log uploads should be fixed now.
 TechWARU no longer changes power settings regardless of if the Disable Sleep/Hibernate is enabled