Hello Techs! We’re beyond stoked to announce an exciting milestone that we’ve just reached: The Completion of TechWARU 1.5.0!

What’s New With TechWARU?
With this new release, Garrett has pulled out all the stops and released some new features that we’ve had our sights set on for a long time. Here are the highlights, and below, you can find a link for the full release notes:

New Feature: TechWARU is now pre-authenticated when downloaded and will authenticate without the need to enter credentials. Learn more here.

New Feature: TechWARU’s Assets folder is no longer wrapped into the executable and is now downloaded instead. This greatly reduces the size of the TechWARU executable and makes it much more portable.

New Tool: SecuritySoftView

Click Here for Full TechWARU 1.5.0 Release Notes


Other Updates of Equal Radness:

IT Jetpack
We’ve partnered up with Corey Fruitman of Instant Housecall for a killer new resource for IT Pros called IT Jetpack. Starting June 29th, IT Jetpack is a series of online web shows hosted by familiar faces in the IT/Computer Repair Industry such as Jeff Halash from Podnutz. Every week you can join fellow techs in a live web show to talk shop and field questions. For more information, check out the website:

Learn More about IT Jetpack Here

We’ve recently completed a transition for the layout and location of our Documentation section. Our docs can now be found in the Help Center and provide detailed information about TechWARU, TechUSB and TechSuite in case you find yourself needing a question answered asap.

Learn More About the Update to the Documentation Section Here

Getting Started Guide
Another new addition to our info about TechSuite is our ‘Getting Started Guide’. This section can also be found on the Help Center and is an excellent intro if you’re new to our products. We have different sections that supply a nice overview of TechWARU, TechUSB and TechPortal. Definitely recommended for those who are on the free trial!

Check Out the Getting Started Guide Here

Dev Queue
One of our main goals surrounding the development of TechSuite is to provide and maintain an open atmosphere for technicians who want to help shape TechSuite. With our Dev Queue, we show what we’re currently working on, so you can stay up to date about our newest updates. If you’d like to give feedback about our development goals, you can now do so on our forums. To stay up to date every week, click “Subscribe” in the forum category.

See the Dev Queue Here

As always, we thank you dearly for your interest and support. RepairTech wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all of our friends, family, and most importantly, customers and partners! Cheers!

If you have any feedback or questions, please visit us on our Forums or drop us a line at


~ The RepairTech Team