New Features: 
- New UI for the 'In Progress' page during a Queue run
- Pause button added to pause a Queue 
- TechWARU now disables Sleep/Hibernate on a computer when it starts and
resets it when it closes. This can be turned off in the Options page.

- Stopping a Queue run now generates a report instead of going back to the home page
- Restore points created by TechWARU now use your Shop's custom branding to name
the restore point
- Removed text mentioning TechWARU in many areas to better convey custom branding

Bug fix: 
- Screenshots on the Techportal WorkBench now work correctly on 32-bit computers
- herdProtect no longer runs twice
- Bench/Report behavior has been fixed when TechWARU resumes run or returns from shutdown
- HitmanPro not running at all on 32bit machines do to automation error
- HijackThis should no longer prompt for EULA on 32bit machines
- Report for Auslogics DiskDefrag is no longer filled with empty whitespace inbetween text
- Fixed issue with Custom Branding logo/text not downloading correctly
- Removed tool Repair Windows Firewall
- Junkware Removal Tool’s has been removed from TechWARU and all presets. JRT’s latest update has proven to be rather unstable.