• If a tool has been renamed or removed in TechWARU between version updates and that tool is saved in a Preset, TechWARU will error gracefully and continute the Tool Queue run
  • Selecting a tool in the Tool Queue now displays that tools decription in the Description box.
  • New Toggle feature added. When a tool that toggles a setting between enabled and disabled, TechWARU prompts you to pick which action you wish to run, and what the current status of the setting is. The following tools are now automated and have better log reports (Some tools have been renamed to display their toggle option) :
AHCI Service (Win 7)
Create Win7 God Mode
Create Win8 Folder
Disable Admin Account
End Tasks on Shutdown
Put IE Icon on Desktop
Remove Content Advisor Password
Windows Search Service
Toggle Hidden Files
Toggle SuperHidden Files
Toggle IE script debugging
Toggle User Account Control
Toggle Taskbar Balloon Tips
Toggle Indexing Service (XP)
Toggle IPv6 (Vista/7)
Toggle Low Disk Space Check
Toggle Windows Defender
Fix Missing Non-Plug and Play Drivers
Disable AV Uninst PW
Start Installer Service in Safe Mode
Open Windows Update (previously 'Open Windows Update in IE')
  • Better reporting added for 'Check Desktop/Start Menu Shortcuts'
  • Better reporting added for 'Orphan Dirs in Program Files'
  • Fixed issue with 'Clear Print Spooler' tool not working and added better reporting
  • Better reporting added for 'Defrag Paging Files (XP)'
  • Better reporting added for 'Defrag Startup Items
  • Better reporting added for 'PatchMyPC'
  • Broken Ultra VNC download link fixed
  • The following tools were removed due to changes in windows or lack of functionality:
Toggle OEM Logon Background
Update Adoble Flash
WGA Diagnostic Site