New Features!
  • Offline Mode: TechSuite can now be run offline. We've added new UI elements that display 
    whether you're or offline and prevent you from running online only features when you're offline. 
    We've also added the ability to download tools while you're online so you can prepare for offline
    use of TechSuite (located in the Settings page)
    While offline you can run any tools or procedures that have all their components downloaded. 
    You can switch from Offline mode back to online by clicking the "Offline" button on the bottom 
    of the TechSuite navigation bar
  • New "In Progress" view: We've completely revamped the Procedure progress page. 
    When running a tool or procedure there is a whole new interface for viewing what's currently 
    running including App branding logos and the ability to view tool descriptions and modes. The 
    Procedure tool list has been moved to a new window which you can view by clicking the "Tool Details" 
    button on the "in Progress" page. We've also added individual Tool run times so you can see how 
    long a specific tool has been running.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed misc. crashes due to .NET errors