Hey everyone!

We’re rolling out a huge update called “Kabuto Service” and wanted to give you a place to learn about it, and how it affects you.

What is included in this update?

This update converts Kabuto from being a process “Kabuto.exe” to being separated into two parts:

  • A Windows Service called “Kabuto.Service”
  • A Windows Process called “Kabuto.App”

It also introduces a brand new update system, which will enable us to more easily and quickly release updates for Kabuto going forward.

Lastly, in order to accomplish this new infrastructure change, we’ve rewritten a significant amount of code, and have fixed many preexisting bugs along the way.

What does this change mean for end-users?

  • Tons of bug fixes right away
  • Kabuto now works in standard user accounts, and does not require administrator privileges to run
  • Kabuto will be far more stable because of the Service and new Update System
  • From now on, we can release updates, new features, and bug fixes faster, and more often

What does this mean for future features?

This update enables us to build new features that you’ve been requesting for a long time. For example, we’ll be releasing a version soon that makes it so that Kabuto syncs in real-time, rather than once every 6 hours.

How are we rolling it out?

We’ve been beta testing this feature for a few weeks with a small group of users. Now that we’ve ironed out all the kinks, we’re going to start releasing it to users in batches. Depending on which batch your account is in, you may not get the release for a few days. Once you’re included in a release batch, all of your devices will automatically update to the new version the next time they sync. After the update, your computer may require a restart before the changes take effect.

Technical Details

Once the update is complete, you’ll notice that instead of the default C:\Program Files\Kabuto folder, you’ll have a C:\Program Files\RepairTech\Kabuto folder. In addition, you’ll have “Kabuto.App.Runner” and “Kabuto.Service.Runner” as processes in your Task Manager. Lastly, you’ll have a “Kabuto” Service running. We’ve also changed the location of debug logs. They’re now stored in C:\ProgramData\Kabuto\logs.