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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Kabuto Live? We’ve got answers!

We encourage you to thumb through some of the most frequently asked questions about Kabuto Live listed below. If you still don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please submit a ticket to support@repairtechsolutions.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also check out our Documentation article here: https://www.repairtechsolutions.com/documentation/kabuto-live/

Kabuto Live Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access Kabuto Live?

Log into your Kabuto Online Dashboard, head over to any Kabuto Device, and click the “Kabuto Live” button in the upper right-hand corner. Follow the prompts from there! 🙂


How reliable and/or secure is Kabuto Live?

We built Kabuto Live internally, from the ground up, so that we would have ultimate control over the security and reliability of it. We use sophisticated encryption algorithms in order to protect our users and their customers. We pride ourselves in maintaining a very high level of security and our team is constantly keeping up with best practices.


Is Kabuto Live a browser-based feature?

Yes, we built it this way so that we could not only update it quickly and frequently, but also have techs be able to remote into machines from any modern web browser, without having to download an installer. Kabuto Live is built into Kabuto, so no additional download is necessary once Kabuto is installed.


Is Kabuto Live HIPAA compliant?

Our software meets industry standards for online security, but is not compliant with the HIPAA standards for privacy. If you are a healthcare professional using this application, it is not recommended that you enter in “individually identifiable health information or access credentials to systems that are storing such information”. This is similar to Quickbooks and other SaaS platforms: (https://community.intuit.com/articles/1145503-is-quickbooks-online-hipaa-compliant).


How does my customer know whether I am on their machine or not?

When enabled for the first time, Kabuto Live will prompt the user whose device you’re trying to access, asking them to approve unattended access for the amount of time you have designated. You’ll then be able to use Kabuto Live without restriction for that timeframe.


Why can’t I download files from the File System Tab?

This functionality is coming soon. Stay tuned!


Can I remote into my own computer to test out Remote Access?

It is possible, but we don’t recommend this as it will not perform as intended.


Can two techs remote into the same customer’s device?

Two techs cannot remote into the same computer at the same time.


What kind of technology do you use for Remote Access?

We made our own Remote Client so that we could ensure that Kabuto Live maintains total security and reliability throughout the entire customer experience.


What protocols does Kabuto Live Remote Access use?

Kabuto Live currently uses WebSockets, and we’re working on implementing WebRTC as well for maximum performance on your Device.


What happens if I remote into a Device that my customer is currently using?

If using Remote Command Prompt or PowerShell, that happens in the background, so you’re all good. For Remote Desktop, you’ll be fighting the user for control, so it’s best to let them know ahead of time if you’re going to remote in.


Does Kabuto Live have temperature alerts?

Temperature alerts are not available at this time, but you can check the temperature in real-time.


Does Kabuto Live support multiple monitors? What about multiple screen resolutions?

Yes. Kabuto Live supports multiple monitors and any resolution.

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