Introducing Kabuto Live

Perform Remote Access and Control Devices Directly from Kabuto

Introducing Kabuto Live, Kabuto’s all new remote management feature that allows you to remotely access and control client machines, directly from the Kabuto Online Dashboard. Save time while troubleshooting & completing jobs by remotely managing your Kabuto Devices in real-time.

Troubleshoot, Manage and Fix Device Issues Remotely

Remote Access

Enjoy remote access for all Kabuto Devices. We also provide multi-monitor support, so you can toggle between customers’ monitors.


Remote Command and/or Powershell Prompts

Start a remote command or powershell prompt from the Terminal tab.


Remote Task Manager (Process Management)

Use the Remote Task Manager tab to start and kill processes, and see CPU & RAM usage.

Live System Information & Specs

View hardware information in real-time with the System Information tab.

Filesystem Browser with File Upload Functionality

Upload, view, and search for Device files remotely via the File System tab.

A New Kind of Remote Access Tool

Browser-Based System

Kabuto Live is an HTML5 browser-based remote access tool. Remote into Devices from any web browser and access Devices from Mac, Windows, or Linux.


No Installation Required

Kabuto Live requires no add-ons or plugins (no manual installations, downloads, etc.) for techs or customers.

Responsive, Agile, Reliable

Access client machines with a few simple clicks and experience low latency while directly controlling client devices.

Give Your Clients Reliability, Security and Peace of Mind

Role-Based Security

Kabuto Live is assigned on a per-tech basis so you can control which techs can access Devices remotely.


Encrypted Connections

We use a sophisticated encryption algorithm, similar to what banking and government institutions use.

Authorized Access Only

We use secure sessions, meaning techs have to be signed in to Kabuto in order to use Kabuto Live.

Got Questions? Check Out Our Kabuto Live FAQ

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