Hey everyone,

Here’s a list of some updates we’ve made to the Kabuto Windows agent recently:

  1. You can now copy/paste inside the Kabuto Live Powershell and Command Line Terminals.
  2. We fixed a bug where the bottom portion of the Kabuto installer was getting cut off on high DPI monitors.
  3. We clarified the verbiage in the Kabuto Live connection failure notification to make it easier to understand the issue.
  4. We fixed a bug where Kabuto Live was getting uninstalled by mistake.
  5. We fixed an issue in Firefox where pressing “space” would accidentally delete the previous command line text.
  6. We fixed an issue in the flow for requesting Kabuto Live remote access where the modal used to request remote access time allowance on the customer’s side was appearing  one hour longer than what was requested by the technician.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing support@repairtechsolutions.com.

The RepairTech Team