Today, we’re proud and excited to announce a new partnership between RepairTech and Ken Dwight, a.k.a The Virus Doctor.

Ken has been teaching IT support techs how to do their job more effectively and more efficiently for over 15 years, but his Virus Remediation Training workshop is “only” 5 ½ years old (the first one was done in April, 2009). Ken started his specialization in malware removal and Trademarked the name “The Virus Doctor” in 2002.

The Virus Doctor – Virus Remediation Workshop

Ken offers an absolutely crucial Virus Removal training workshop that gives technicians deep insight on how to be more effective in the virus removal process. Are you tired of losing money (and clients) on virus repairs? Well, if you’re concerned with improving your business and becoming a better technician, you definitely need to check out Ken’s workshop.

To set the stage for the workshop, Ken has put together a free webinar that gives an overview of what is covered in the workshop and what value you can expect to receive for your participation. This webinar is exclusively for friends and customers of RepairTech, so that includes you.

But it’s not just a thinly-disguised sales pitch; this free webinar will give you a lot of valuable insight and information you can start using right away when you’re dealing with malware.

The webinar is happening this Thursday, September 18, at 3:00 PM Central Daylight Time. Click here to register for the webinar:


Some of the topics covered in the Virus Remediation Workshop:

– What are the different types of malware? Why does it matter?
– How do you determine whether a computer is infected?
– What are the symptoms of a rootkit infection? — 3 telltale signs!
– When do you use System Restore?
– What if the malware survives Safe Mode?
– What if you can’t run Regedit? Task Manager? Windows Update?

Click here to find more out about the workshop:


RepairTech and The Virus Doctor

So what does the partnership between RepairTech and The Virus Doctor entail? Well, Ken has generously allowed us to add some really incredible tools for virus removal into TechSuite, allowing us to further expand upon TechSuite’s malware capabilities. You can expect those to show up in the coming months. Additionally, we’re offering a $100 credit to participants in Ken’s workshops and Ken is offering RepairTech users a 20% discount to attend one of his workshops.

These benefits are simply the beginning of a great partnership and we’re very eager to work with Ken as we move forward in our mutual mission to reshape the computer repair industry.

To learn more about The Virus Doctor go here: http://thevirusdoc.com/

As always, if you have any questions please contact us via email at support@repairtechsolutions.com