I’ll keep it simple. No nonsense¬†from me this time, chaps! Just the release notes about some improvements to TechWARU, TechUSB Creator, and Kabuto.

Bug Fixes:
– Changing customer name or ticket number before running a Queue is now reflected properly in the report
– TechWARU seeming to freeze up when loading startup executable
– Reports not getting updated properly
– Reset Hidden Volume was not working correctly and has been removed
– Send Debug Logs function was not working correctly and not opening a new ticket
– Many Config options were not being loaded properly when viewed in the Options Page

– Updated Registry Investigator with changed text, updated keys
– Malwarebytes has been changed to “Install Malwarebytes” due to EULA
– Updated all RepairTech Presets
– Updated HitmanPro URL to have newest version
– Updated BleachBit to newest version
– Removed duplicate “Create Restore Point” tool

– Fixed time trigger not updating
– Fixed update system bug

– Added download checks for all files downloaded
– Added anti-virus warning
– Added USB format warning

That’s it for now. Questions? Comments? More bugs? Holiday wishlists? Submit them here!