We’ve Released TechWARU v 1.4.2

As usual, the industrious and enterprising Garrett Milster has whipped out another version of TechWARU in grand style. In this version, we’ve added a really exciting feature that a lot of people have been asking for: Config Syncing.

Config Syncing

Config Syncing is a new feature that allows you to export your favorite configuration of TechWARU to your TechPortal and import it from any other instance of TechWARU. All persistent TechWARU settings, Presets, and Custom Apps will be saved so you never have to re-input them again. You can find this new import/export feature on the Options page of TechWARU in the Config settings section. Enjoy!

Highlights from this Release: 

– Added ADW cleaner to Malware section
– New System Information view. All information is now on one page.
– New update system. TechWARU update system has been completely rewritten to be more stable and consistent.
– Added 4 new diagnostic tools:
Mail PassView
Protected Storage PassView

Click Here to See This Version’s Release Notes