• Various minor UI tweaks
  • Removed MBRCheck (outdated and causing issues during the queue)
  • Removed Open Hardware Monitor (outdated and causing issues during the queue)
  • Fixed issue for users who were adding more than 42 custom apps
  • Removed Sign Out, Documentation, Help Center, and Check for Updates links in Options page.
    • Please use the "Account" dropdown menu instead
  • Made it so that D7 Reboot Master tells you it does not work in Windows 10
  • Potentially provided more debug information in certain situations where authentication
    was failing due to a firewall or other internet connectivity issue.
    • All download URL's are now redirected to actual URL's via our server, so uptime should
      increase dramatically because we can fix URL issues without releasing a new version.
  • Fixed many download URL's.
  • Fixed issue in "Boot in Safe Mode" tool that would prevent computer from restarting in normal mode.