Indefatigable, genius, relentless, unstoppable. These are just some of the words one could use to describe our lead TechWARU developer, Garrett Milster. He is tireless in his quest to improve TechWARU and he did it again, he made TechWARU even better with this new version. TechWARU 1.4.9 is now available for download and it’s wonderful. Check it out!

Whats New in This Release: 

  • New Feature: New UI for the ‘In Progress’ page during a Queue run
  • New Feature: Pause Button added to pause a Queue
  • New Feature: TechWARU now disables Sleep/Hibernate on a computer when it starts and resets when it closes. This can be turned off in the Options page.
  • Improvement: Stopping a Queue run now generates a report instead of going back to the home page.
  • Bug Fix: Herd Protect no longer runs twice.

Click Here to View the Full v1.4.9 Release Notes