This afternoon we released TechWARU version 1.5.1. Props to our awesome developer Garrett Milster for cranking this out while also working on Kabuto’s Windows App. Here’s what’s new in 1.5.1:

– Download and launch EXE from TechPortal on TechWARU boot up is now fixed.
– Custom Apps not checking for windows 10 is now fixed.
–  Error 50 issue after report uploads has been fixed.
– Fixed some broken links in the dropdown menu.
– Splash screen custom branding should no longer be stretched weirdly.
– Running multiple ‘create restore point’s lead to Permission errors should be fixed.
– Power setting changes for disabling Hibernation and Sleep are much improved and work properly now.

New Features:
– TechWARU can now launch TechPortal windows executable at any point. When TechWARU is running you’ll see the option to download your remote access exe from the Bench.
– Improved toggle UAC tool so a restart is no longer required.
– Report naming. Reports will now be named by the name of the preset used and if no preset is used it will be named “Custom Queue”. The names can be viewed and edited on your TechPortal reports page.

Have comments or suggestions? Want something in the next version? Head over to the RepairTech Community Forums and make your voice heard!