New Features!
- Config Syncing 

Config Syncing is a new feature that allows you to export your favorite configuation of TechWARU to your TechPortal and import it from any other instance of TechWARU. All peristent TechWARU settings, Presets, and Custom Apps will be saved so you never have to re-input them again. You can find this new import/export feature on the Options page of TechWARU in the Config settings section. Enjoy!

- New Config Syncing feature for exporting and importing TechWARU configurations to and from TechPortal
- Added improvements to prevent TechWARU from entering 'Not Responding' mode. (Ex: during Report uploads)
- New System Information view. All information is now on one page.
- New update system. TechWARU update system has been completely rewritten to be more stable and consistent.
- Fixed issue with Deepscan: clear temp files
- Fixed problem where if prompted for Startup Password and the window was closed, TechWARU didn't stop running
- Completely rewrote WSUS Offline Update code to be completely up to date

- New Diagnostic Tools 
* NK2Edit
* Mail PassView
* WebBrowserPassView
* Protected Storage PassView

- Added ADW cleaner to Malware section 
- Fixed sizing issue with Custom logo at top left of TechWARU window
- Added new functionality for customizing URL that opens in browser when Custom Logo is clicked. This custom URL can be set in your TechPortal under Custom Branding.