I’ll admit I’m feeling a bit on edge right now. My heart is racing, the hair on the back of my neck is standing up, and I’m developing a serious case of goosebumps on my forearms. The reason I’m so worked up is because of this new TechWARU release. As Peter Griffin would say: Its freakin’ sweet.

In TechWARU 1.4.0, automation for the malware section has been drastically improved, there is a new report view so you can view the reports within TechWARU, and there are new, beautifully designed reports which are responsive and scale to any size.

Big shoutout to Garrett, our lead TechWARU developer who cunningly outwitted visual basic in order to make this all happen. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the coolest stuff in this release:

– New Report View
– New Report Design
– Added new tools: Junkware Removal Tool, Hijack this, McAfee Stinger
– Automated the following tools: Hitman Pro,RogueKiller, TDSS Killer, JunkWare Removal Tool, Hijack this, McAfee Stinger, OTL
– Removed outdated or unused tools from Malware section: GMER, MBAR, Super Anti-spyware, aswMBR, Panda CL, and Pre-Malware Scan

We’re dedicated to helping IT Professionals boost their business by leveraging automation and we’re obsessed with improving our tools to make them their best. Stay posted for more updates, and keep a lookout for the redesigned version of TechPortal that we’re working on…

Whoops I wasn’t supposed to say that.