TechWARU v1.3.7 Release Notes

Fixed bug causing Create Restore point to fail
Create restore point now lists all restore points on system
Added button to kill processes manually in KillEmAll
Added better reporting for KillEmAll (lists viable processes to kill and process killed by Tech)
Added better reporting for “clear proxy settings”
changed ERUNT Backup Registry to be automatic, added some reporting
Added better reporting for Fix Shell/Run
Added better reporting for Kill Rename Operations
Removed Pre-Malware scan because it is outdated and no longer viable
Fixed bug causing a blue screen crash in a small number of tools
TechWARU's 'Resume Run' feature has been improved to allow the Tech to choose to resume the run. If TechWARU is aborted during a run of tools, when it starts back up it will give the Tech the choice to resume the previous run
Fixed issue in Reports caused by TechWARU exiting during a tool run. Logs were being combined upon resuming the run instead of showing up as a new tool.
Fixed issue causing several reports for the following Categories to be missing →
Windows Fixes, Networking Utilities, Browser Checks, System Tweaks, System Tuneup, Installation/Updates, Backup/Recovery

Fixed bug causing some tools to be marked as automated when they required interaction
Fixed multiple bugs involving TechWARU's console mode, causing odd behavior or funcitonality
Fixed Logo sizing issue in Report
Replaced Tech Email in report with Tech Name

Known Issues:
When AV's such as HitmanPRO reboot after update, TechWARU moves on to next tool instead of waiting