- Fixed "Restart Explorer" tool for Windows 7 and 8 machines
- Improved Reporting for the following tools: RogueKiller, Kaskersky TDSS, MBAR, Hitman Pro, BatteryInfoView, GetProductKeys
- Fixed CPU load and Hard Drive space errors in System Information
- Fixed incorrect system information reporting in logs
- Tools in the default preset now display if they require interaction or not on TechWARU startup
- Updated code to be compatible with Malwarebytes 2.0 (if you have an old version of MB please update it through
Ketarin to be compatible with TechWARU)
- Fixed reporting for GetInstalledApps and GetProduct keys
- BatteryInfoView, GetInstalledApps, and GetProductKeys are now automated
- Clicking the ">" to add a tool now moves the selector to the next tool in the list
- Fixed bug which was causing users not to be prompted to agree to the RepairTech EULA
- Added an "Add All" button about the tool list to add all tools from a category into the queue
- TechWARU now waits for CleanMgr.exe to close before moving forward
- many smaller bugs
- Fixed reporting bug that occasionally would generate duplicate tool reports in Diagnostic logs

Known Issues:
- TechWARU update system is intermittently failing (contact support if you encounter this issue)
- When AV's such as HitmanPRO reboot after update, TechWARU moves on to next tool