Hosted Custom Apps: 
Phase 2 of our Local Custom App feature is complete! Our new "Hosted Custom App"feature carries over all the functionality from Phase 1 (browsing for your local application) and adds web syncing. When you add a local application by browsing, TechSuite will sync the application to our storage server. The tool is still saved locally and can be immediately used for offline use or without needing to download anything. However you will no longer have to keep track of whether or not you have the file locally, if TechSuite runs the tool and doesn't find the file, it will download the synced version, no effort required!

Rearrange Procedures:
By popular demand! There is now an "order" button above the procedure list on the Procedures page that allows you to rearrange the list of procedures (via drag and drop). Once saved the new order will be synced with TechSuite Dashboard and remain consistent amongst all your instances of TechSuite.

Rearrange Tools: 
The tool list displayed when building a procedure can now be rearranged
by dragging and dropping the tools to the desired location,

Other New Features:
- TechSuite now has startup checks for .NET version and Antiviruses and will warn you accordingly
- Mode names now appear on Procedure run page in Procedure list
- New Visuals for System Information
- Insights now viewable through system information page
- New Walkthrough for first time use of TechSuite
- Startup password is now web synced to the TechSuite Dashboard
- All Techsuite folders are now generated in a folder called TechSuite next to the TechSuite executable
(after the update you'll see your old folders still in the same directory as before, you can drag them into the new TechSuite folder and replace the contents to keep your existing tools and reports)
- New branding and color 
- new report parsers added for various tools

Bug Fixes:
- Report table can now be sorted properly
- Removed tools causing TechSuite to pause indefinitely in Procedure Run
- Skip and Stop are now disabled while a report is being generated
- Settings page now loads the "General" tab first
- Procedures and tools that have long names no longer get cutoff when displayed
- After saving custom app, you are returned to the My Apps section instead of the first category
- Search can now be cancelled by clicked an X that appears in the search bar