New Tools!
  • We worked with our friends over at Emsisoft to get you Emsisoft Anti-Malware Commandline 
    version as a part of TechSuite, included at no additional cost! You can now run it through 
    TechSuite to scan for and remove malware.
  • We built a new tool called "ProcessHawk" that scans for unnecessary processes and kills them. 
    It can be run before scanning for malware in order to speed up scanning and get malware processes 
    out of the way.
  • We've added a new tool called "Diagnose Printer Issues". We built it to scan all available printers 
    and diagnose issues, and clear the printer spool.
New Features!
  • The "New" button used for creating a new Custom App has been moved to a more visible location. 
    Instead of having to select the "My Apps" category to view the "New" button, 
    you can see the button as soon as you open the Tools page
  • Browse for Local Apps now supports Zip files. When this feature was first released it could only 
    upload and support single file applications. Now you can browse for Zip files if the Local App you 
    want to use is stored that way.
  • Updated Default Procedures to include new Tools.
Bug Fixes:
  • When a tool was run on a version of Windows it was not supported on, the report came up empty. 
    This caused the report to look as though there was a problem running the tool. Now when a tool 
    is run on an OS it doesn't support, it says so in the report.
  • Added support for Windows Vista machines that have .NET version 4.0 or greater. Previously, 
    tools were not running on Vista because it was not supported.
  • Windows Defender is no longer part of the AntiVirus warning during the TechSuite startup checks.
  • Tool reports are no longer written to the debug log. This was causing slowdown during procedure runs 
    and making the debug logs very very big.
  • Improved error handling: The UI no longer pops an annoying Windows error message when something 
    small goes wrong in the app.
  • We're now automatically collecting error information when something goes wrong in the app. 
    This should lead to faster fixes, and you we'll need less debug logs.