Usually, when you’re working in your shop and you have a client who needs data recovered or backed up, the process is reasonably straightforward. But sometimes, you need to call in the big guns and get a professional service to help with a particularly nasty job. If that’s the case, one of the best companies in the industry is looking out for you: Gillware Data Recovery.

We’ve recently partnered with Gillware and are excited to share their services because they are a killer resource for data recovery. With Gillware, you can easily submit a case, get a quote, and request a consultation, all before spending a dime.

Founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 2004, Gillware has been a pioneer in the data recovery industry. An industry leader in data recovery for hard drives, solid state drives, NAS devices, RAIDs, SD cards, USB thumb drives and more, Gillware has an ISO-5 certified, Class 100 clean room and is SOC-2 audited and GSA certified. Gillware is also the recommended data recovery lab for leading technology companies such as Western Digital and Dell. Additionally, Gillware is also the only data recovery lab to also offer online backup services.

For more info about Gillware, check them out here:

Gillware Data Recovery