Hey Techs!

We’ve been hard at work fixing bugs that you’ve reported. Here’s what’s been released in the last week:

Recent Improvements:

  • Made all Index tables Full-Width to give them more space for text
  • Added “Created At” column to the Devices table
  • Added client-side caching of table contents so that once they load you don’t have to load them again when you click a different table header
  • Dramatically improved speed at which table contents load
  • Added a new tab to the Device Activity section for “MAV Billing”
  • Added “Managed AV Enabled” and “Managed AV Disabled” filters to the Devices table

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Managed AV Scan Logs had incorrect times
  • EAM Scans weren’t running because of EAM bug, worked with Emsisoft to fix
  • Fixed an issue where Device Activity and EAM Scan Logs wouldn’t show up until you refreshed the browser

Updates for Kabuto Managed AV:

We just released some new updates for Kabuto Managed AV. These requests had come from many techs, and Emsisoft was very helpful in delivering us new API functionality so that we could implement these features. Here’s what we changed:

  • Only receive a notification popup when a user is within 3 days of their license expiring, all other license expiring notifications have been turned off (we automatically renew licenses when they’re within 60 days of expiring, so this should never happen anyway).
  • No longer receive popup notifications to renew a license for free by referring new Emsisoft to new users.
  • No longer be able to read and change their EAM license key.
  • No longer see the news section at the bottom of the main Overview screen.

Here’s an example of what the license screen previously looked like from your client’s point of view:

Here’s an example of what the new screen looks like, after our updates:

Let us know if you have any questions, we’re always happy to chat!

Feel free to get in touch at support@repairtechsolutions.com


The RepairTech Team