Hey techs! We just released a new version of Kabuto, version 2.0.404, and it’s got some important fixes in it, as well as an awesome new feature:

-You can now see if a Device is Online and the Kabuto Service is running from the Online Dashboard. This status indicator is accurate to within 30 seconds, so if they turn their Device off, or they go offline, you should know relatively quickly.

– Force Sync: If a Device is Online, you can click a button to force it to sync immediately. When it syncs, it will check all it’s triggers, update any branding or options you may have changed, and update the online dashboard when it finishes.

– Fixed a bug where the Kabuto Service wasn’t starting up on some systems. It was previously set to “Automatic” startup, and we changed it to “Delayed Start”, which will result in it taking about 20 seconds to show up in the system tray on startup, but will fix the bug. If you have any devices that have not checked in since we released this patch, you can consult this guide for how to fix that:¬†https://www.repairtechsolutions.com/documentation/kabuto/#syncingissues