Introducing Kabuto Users

We’ve made it possible to add distinct User accounts with permissions to Kabuto. This update makes it much easier for you and your employees to have greater control over the way you use Kabuto for your business. This feature is free for all paid accounts.

Now, you are able to simply create multiple Users for the various employees in your shop that use Kabuto regularly, and define their permissions as you see fit.

What you can do with Kabuto Users

-Add multiple User accounts to Kabuto for different employees
-Set these User permissions to enable or restrict User ability for:

– Enabling/disabling paid upgrades
– Modifying account payment method and plan
– Editing account settings like custom branding and integrations
– Modifying Users
– Granting full permission control

Here is an example of how Users can be implemented:

Let’s say you are the owner of your MSP and you have one senior employee and one junior employee that works with you. While you want your employees to be able to provide Kabuto to clients, you don’t always want everyone on the team to have full access to things like billing information or enabling/disabling paid upgrades.

With this new update, you can create three User accounts to ensure each person only retains certain levels of control:

User 1 – Admin
This will be your account with full permissions and the ability to use all functionality within Kabuto, as well as managing the permissions of your other User accounts.

User 2 – Senior Employee
This tech handles everything in the shop at a similar level to you, so you make them a separate User with permissions that still enable them to handle most things in your absence. This could be things like: modifying account payment and plan, enabling/disabling paid upgrades, but not modifying other user permissions.

User 3 – Junior Employee
This technician only needs to handle installing Kabuto on customer machines and monitoring devices to create work orders, so for this User account, you could only allow editing account settings for custom branding and integrations, but nothing to do with billing or payment.

Of course, the above is just one example! We’ve built users to be flexible for many situations so feel free to configure it to your needs!

We’re really happy about this release and eager to hear what you think. Please feel free to get in touch with questions, comments, or feedback here:


The RepairTech Team