Hey techs!

We just finished a significant change to Kabuto that we think will really improve your Kabuto workflow. 

Kabuto Devices Will Now Sync Automatically After You Make Changes to Device Settings, Preferences, etc.



Now after you change any preferences, policies or other settings for any of your Kabuto Devices, the changes will be applied right away instead of needing to use Force Sync or having to wait for Kabuto’s Sync schedule.

*Note: Kabuto will only Sync automatically if the device is online. If the device is offline, the Sync will occur the next time the device comes online.

We’re improving communication: In order to keep you more up-to-date on what we’re working on and continue to be as transparent as possible, we launched this bug tracking forum post.

In between our more detailed release note and blog posts, you can view the status of various items via the bug tracking sticky note page 🙂

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