We just released a new version of Kabuto with a ton of bug fixes and changes:

  • We added a new screen to the Kabuto Installer that shows up while Kabuto is updating the system’s .NET version to be the latest. Because this process can take a while, we added a clearer message to explain what’s happening.
  • Added custom branding to .NET installation screen, instead of Kabuto logo.
  • There’s now a command-line flag you can use if you want to demo an alert window to your clients. Just do this from command-prompt:
    C:\Program Files\RepairTech\Kabuto\Kabuto.App.Runner.exe --demo
  • Fixed a bug that made it so Hard Drive Checks weren’t working on Solid State Drives.
  • Fixed the Request Form UI so that longer shop names aren’t cut off
  • Fixed a bunch of desktop shortcut issues that were introduced when the Service was released
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom half of the request form was getting cut off on high DPI resolutions
  • Removed “About” link from System Tray
  • When you disabled Managed AV, we’ll now uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware, rather than just disable the license
  • Fixed a bug where if you manually uninstalled Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the client side, there were some cases where we wouldn’t automatically reinstall it.
  • It’s now required for end-users to enter at least one form of contact when they request service.

We also fixed a bunch of bugs on the Kabuto Online Dashboard:

  • Fixed a bug related to migrating devices from one customer to another
  • Fixed a bug where deactivated devices were showing up in the “Affected Devices” section of a Policy
  • Fixed an issue where the cron job wasn’t running that populated stats on the Activity Page
  • Fixed a visual issue where Last Sync Date string was too long and messing up the index tables
  • Fixed an issue where the Kabuto Online Dashboard would “flicker” on certain tabs
  • Updated a text field in the Request Page where the wrong “Company Name” field was being shown
  • Fixed a bug where devices that have synced within the past day may be seen on the Activity page as having not synced recently
  • Added error text when users try to upload a file to “Custom Menu Entries Integration” that’s above the maximum allowed size
  • Fixed a bug related to Managed AV “Bring your own Key” where every keystroke would force the browser to lose focus on the text field.