We’ve completed a new integration with CommitCRM that enables you to sync your TechSuite Reports with CommitCRM Tickets. This should allow CommitCRM customers to have a more automated experience while repairing computers. We’re very excited about the opportunity to work with CommitCRM, and look forward to adding even more automation as our customers provide us with feedback.

How the Integration Works

In order to use the CommitCRM integration, you need to have the Email Connector module configured on your CommitCRM Server. This module is responsible for everything related to managing email threads for CommitCRM Tickets, including Email-To-Ticket functionality.

Before you can receive TechSuite reports with CommitCRM, you will need to add a contact to your CommitCRM account with the following email address:


Otherwise, the TechSuite reports will be forwarded to your Internal Support Email Address for manual processing and not attached to the ticket.


To configure the integration on TechPortal, go to the “Tools” tab and click on “Integrations”. Click on the CommitCRM logo, type your CommitCRM Public Email Address into the provided field, and click the “Apply” button.


When you use TechUSB Automator, all you have to do is enter the ticket number in the provided field before you run it. When you use TechWARU, just enter the ticket number in the correct text box before you upload the report.


When TechPortal receives a report from TechUSB or TechWARU, it will send a copy of that report to the Public Email Address that you configured in TechPortal. It uses the CC field instead of TO so the report will not be sent to your customer. The CommitCRM Email Connector module will detect the ticket number in the subject line and attach the email to the corresponding ticket. You will see the email with the paperclip attachment icon in the “History” section of the ticket. You can open it with an email client to view the report.


Learn More about CommitCRM Here


If you have any feedback for us regarding this integration or want to request other integrations, feel free to leave us a comment here or shoot us an email at support@repairtechsolutions.com. We’d love to hear from you.

Have a good one,

Ian Alexander
CEO & Co-Founder
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