We’ve Partnered with Repairshopr

We’ve got some excellent news to share with you. We recently started working with the guys over at Repairshopr in order to create an integration between our TechSuite tools and the Repairshopr CRM system. Both Troy and Robert have been extremely helpful and hardworking, so we’ve been able to quickly develop the integration in order to help techs further streamline the way they work. We can’t wait to see what you think!

RepairShopr is an all-in-one system integrating tickets, CRM, invoices, and marketing in a simple, easy-to-use platform specifically designed for computer repair shops. The streamlined workflow allows you to increase shop efficiency while powerful lead and marketing tools help you build customer relationships to grow your business.

The Integration

A lot of customers have been looking for a way to bring their TechSuite reports into an overarching customer relationship management system. Its great to use TechSuite for automating repair processes, but once you have a report from a finished TechSuite run, there is still an opportunity to add that data to a job ticket or other information about the customer. After all, staying organized is one of the key aspects of running a well maintained shop!

With this integration, you’ll be able to perform repairs and diagnostics with TechSuite on a customer’s machine and once finished, you can link the reports to your Repairshopr account. That way, not only will you have consolidated information about the customer’s hardware, issues, and job requirements, but you’ll also have records about all of the diagnostics and repairs performed on the customer’s computer.

To get started using the integration, go to the “Integrations” page on TechPortal. You’ll need your RepairShopr subdomain and API key. Once you set it up, simply use the same ticket numbers in both RepairShopr and TechSuite, and we’ll automatically sync your reports with your tickets on RepairShopr.



For example, if you create ticket #4202 on RepairShopr, you could use “4202” as the ticket number in TechUSB or TechWARU to sync it with that ticket on your RepairShopr account. Once the reports are synced, you’ll see something like this in your TechPortal:



And  ticket #4202 in RepairShopr would have an additional section for your report:

 Our Mission

Our mission is to develop better solutions for computer repair and the IT industry, so we can continue to help people maximize their time and optimize their workflow. We’re pumped to have had the opportunity to work with RepairShopr as we are confident that this integration will prove to be a incredible addition to every tech’s toolkit.

Learn more about RepairShopr here.