We’re very excited to announce a new integration with Autotask that allows you to sync your TechSuite Reports with your existing Autotask tickets. Rhonda and Gary from Autotask were great to work with, and the integration was very painless to create.

How To Set Up the Integration

  1. Log into TechPortal.
  2. Click the “Tools” tab and select “Integrations”.
  3. Select the “Autotask” integration.
  4. Provide your Autotask username and password.
  5. Click “Test & Apply” and we will verify your credentials. If you’ve entered your credentials correctly, you should see: autotask5

Using the Integration

Once the integration is configured, your TechSuite Reports with matching ticket numbers will be attached to the corresponding Autotask ticket. For example, the top of your TechWARU report would like like this:

report header


And would be synced with this Autotask ticket:


And show up as a note with an attached Report:


About Autotask

Autotask Corporation provides the world’s leading hosted IT business management software to streamline and optimize business processes for technology solution providers. The software integrates a broad range of critical business systems, including customer relationship management (CRM), service desk, contracts, tech scheduling, project management, billing and reporting, and provides real-time service delivery intelligence to help users understand the factors that drive their business and their profitability. Learn more about Autotask: http://www.autotask.com/