5 Days to Launch Your Residential MSP

So, What’s Next?

Now that you’ve gone through your first week of selling Managed Services, we hope you’re getting in the groove and starting to get some sales! Nice work! Where do you go from here, though? Here’s how we recommend you continue onward.

Train Your Staff on Selling

Encourage your staff to go through the 5 Day Guide and help them along the way so they can start selling Kabuto also.


See How Other Techs Are Running Their Residential MSPs

We’ve built a really cool compilation of best practices from Techs who are building and running Residential MSPs. In the doc you can find a bunch of great quotes and ideas about setting up pricing, sales tactics, and more. Click here for the doc: Residential MSP Best Practices

Keep Checking the Facebook Group!

Keep checking the Facebook Group to get advice or give suggestions to others on ways to improve Kabuto sales!

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