TechPortal is an online portal designed to manage your Reports, view on-going repairs, customize tool behavior and manage account and technician information.



On The Bench

On The Bench” allows for a bird’s eye view of all the reports that are currently being run or have recently been completed. If a repair is running, the current tool being run will show up. If the report is finished, a link to the report will show up under the text “Done.” This window shows updates from both TechUSB and TechWARU. This “portlet” can uniquely be made fullscreen.

Activate Remote Session: An important feature of On the Bench is the ability to “Activate Remote Session”. This feature uses the TechWARU Startup Executable Integration to launch a remote session for the specified computer. Upon pressing “Activate Remote Session”, TechWARU is sent a command to download the specified executable and launch it. At this point, a remote session has been activated. It may take up to 60 seconds for the download to start.

As of now, this feature only supports generalized remote executables, ones that are not generated for a specific customer or repair.

For a getting started guide on this feature, please see: Setting up Activate Remote Session


Additionally TechWARU will send screenshots of current repairs to TechPortal after a duration of 1 minute. From that point, screenshots will be updated once a minute until completion.



You can upload your Reports from all of your repairs to TechPortal. Reports feature system information such as hardware specs, OS, usernames, and of course all the tools run and their output. To view your uploaded Reports, go to the Reports page on TechPortal. Here is an example.

Customizable Reports

Customizable reports allow a technician to generate a template to variably hide or show information about the report. Toggleable options include:

  • Show Custom Logo – Display your logo at the top of the report.
  • Show Elapsed Time – Display how long it took for the queue to run.
  • Show System Information -Display basic information about the hardware and software of the system.
  • Show Category Filter (TechWARU Only) – Display the selector for filtering which category to display.
  • Show Notes – Display notes that you’ve added to the report.
  • Show Number of Tools Run – Display the count of the number of tools run.
  • Show Summary – Display summary section which lists the name of all tools run.
  • Show Alerts (TechWARU Only) – Display the alerts that TechWARU found.
  • Show Details of Each Tool – Display all the details from each tool that was run.
  • Public – Make report accessible by anyone.

Searching/Sorting Reports

TechPortal’s reports are searchable by Customer Name, Ticket Number, and the Technician who performed the repair.

The reports are sortable by Customer Name, Ticket Number, and Upload Time. To sort, click the header text. An arrow will appear denoting the orientation of the sort.

Finally, reports with the same Ticket Number will have a fast search option available. These Ticket Numbers will be a blue link. Upon clicking the link, the search will return all reports with that ticket number.


Editing Reports

To edit a report, click the down arrow to the right side of the button “View Report”

From here, a new dialog will be shown allowing the customer name, ticket number, technician and note to all be changed.

Upon clicking the blue checkbox, the changes will be saved. The red “x” will cancel the changes. The option to add a note is also available which is shown in the report if the layout allows it.

Additionally, to permanently delete a report from TechPortal, click the down arrow to the right side of the button “View Report” and click “Delete”. This action is non-reversible, there is no cap to report storage in TechPortal so proceed with caution.

Report Layouts

If you would like to modify the way reports look on TechPortal, we’ve built a handy way to add, remove, and summarize content to suit your needs.

Various use cases might be:

  • Customer Facing Reports
  • Internal Reports
  • Publicly accessible reports

Of course, there are many many use cases for customizable reports. Let’s see how they work!

1. Navigate to “Reports” and focus on the top-right corner.

2. Click “Customize Report Layout”

3. We’ll add a new layout, so click “New”

4. We’ll name this report Layout “Demo Layout” but you can name it whatever is most appropriate. Adjust the checkboxes to your preference.

5. Click Save. You’ll be redirected back to the Reports Page. To see your new Layout in action, click “Customize Report Layout” and select it.

6. Examine the layout and make sure it’s what you want it to look like! We made ours public so that we could share the link with customers immediately.


Activate Remote Session

Set up

  1. Open TechPortal and head to the Dashboard.
  2. From there, if a computer is “on the bench” you will see this
  3. Next, we’ll need to upload a new remote executable
  4. Upon completion, the Activation process will start taking up to 60 seconds to send the command to download and run the executable.
  5. TechWARU will automatically launch and the remote session software will perform it’s normal startup routine. In this example, we have TeamViewer showing it’s launch screen.


(Alternatively, you can upload your executable of choice by way of TechPortal > Configure TechWARU, or on the Downloads page.)

That’s it! From now one, any bench item can have a remote session started.



Technician accounts allow separate profiles to be created for each user of TechSuite. This provides traceability for repairs, allows for separate configurations for each account and configuration sharing. To manage technicians on the account head to the Account Dropdown in the top-right and select Manage Technicians. Next, specify the technician name and email. They will receive an email requesting a password to be set.

Account Types

Admin Account:

  • Can access:
    • Account Settings
    • Billing Information
    • Integrations
    • Custom Branding
    • Other techs’ settings
    • Other techs’ authentication information

Tech Account:

  • Cannot access:
    • Account Settings
    • Billing Information
    • Integrations
    • Custom Branding
    • Other techs’ settings
    • Other techs’ authentication information


Configure TechWARU

As described in Config Syncing Explained, TechPortal stores the settings that have been exported from TechWARU. To view, modify, or share your settings, first head to Tools > Configure TechWARU.

From there, your general settings, malware removal settings, presets and custom apps can all be modified and shared.

Both Presets and Custom Apps can be added or removed from a configuration or distributed to other technician accounts.